Green Man 16 is fast approaching, and we can’t wait for this year’s festivalgoers to join us for a weekend of imagination and discovery.

Our science stalls are at the very heart of Einstein’s Garden, created by clever folk from universities and learned societies around the country – from Cardiff to Cambridge, Manchester to Exeter. Watch researchers share their knowledge in delightful, amusing and inspiring ways. Here’s the full line-up of Science Stalls for Green Man 2016. From jumping into the primordial soup to treating yourself to a prehistoric makeover, you could be the catalyst for all kinds of exciting new reactions...  Aberystwyth Physics Buskers – Aberystwyth UniversityHave you ever dreamed about traveling to other planets? Let Aberystwyth University’s Physics Buskers take you on a tour of Mars. Experience the Red Planet on a rollercoaster ride with their 4-D virtual reality headsets, design your own rover, and learn all about their exciting work on ESA’s next Mars mission! Bubba & the Good Vibrations – University of CambridgeThis team of quantum physicists are bringing a beautiful assortment of vintage artefacts to show you what good vibrations are all about. Experience sound in a whole new way through colour and movement: build your own gramophone or enjoy the amazing shapes that emerge when soap films are allowed to chill out… Number 3, Muddle Street – Dementia and ImaginationStep into the ‘home’ of Doris and Ivor, and witness some inspirational artworks made by dementia research participants, light-hearted stories and life-changing observations. Discover how living in the moment through art can have powerful and positive effects for those living with dementia and those around them.Website | Twitter The Festival Within – Imperial College LondonCome on a journey to understand how your body copes with stimuli such as music, dancing, and alcohol from a scientific point of view. Explore how various organs and organ systems such as the ear or the cardiovascular system function through an interactive exhibition and hands-on activities.

The Festival Within – Imperial College London
The North Somerset Butterfly House

The North Somerset Butterfly HouseThe North Somerset Butterfly House presents its little baby, probably the only 'Pop Up Tropical Butterfly House' in existence. You are invited to join them in their miniature tropical paradise. Once inside, amongst the gorgeous plants and flowers you will meet the stunning butterflies and curious caterpillars that inhabit it. Data Mine – University of BristolStep inside a secret chamber inspired by a mysterious tomb covered in ancient Norse code. Developed by designer Philippa Thomas and researchers from the MRC Integrative Epidemiology Unit at the University of Bristol, this interactive art installation lets you explore the secrets locked within your genetic code. This installation has been generously supported by the Medical Research Council Seed Fund. The Celtic Fortress – Wales Cancer PartnershipDo you want to learn about the fight against cancer? Join our clan of celtic cancer warriors. The Wales Cancer Research Centre’s scientists will guide you through a series of trials, tests and quizzes. Discover more about this deadly foe and how Wales’ researchers are battling the disease. Website | Twitter | Facebook Living Earth – University of BristolTrace the history of our beautiful, complex planet with University of Bristol researchers and Bert and Sally, puppets from the Cube Microplex, Bristol. Help build a 6-foot model of the Earth, then tear it apart in the name of civilisation. Jump in the primordial soup, save the dinosaurs from asteroid strikes and more! Website | Twitter

Aberystwyth Physics Buskers – Aberystwyth University
Show Us What You’re Made Of – Tenovus Cancer Care

The Voyage of a Water Droplet – University of ExeterFollow the voyage of a water droplet through the landscape, and discover how working with nature, rather than against it, can improve water quality and decrease flood risk. With a range of fun games and interactive activities for all ages – and liberal use of body glitter and face paint… Bog Body Shop: The Archaeology of Adornment – Cardiff UniversityGuerilla Archaeology invites you into a prehistoric beauty parlour! Explore the ancient arts of makeup, mirrors and tattoos, ‘tashes and top knots. Try out early tattooing, styling and shaving, create new cosmetics using old technologies, inspect ancient tools for looking good, and treat yourself to a prehistoric makeover. White, Yellow and Red – University of CambridgeThis team of experts are trying to understand just what is so special about breast milk. They study blood (red) and breast milk (white) by analysing the fats (yellow) to find out which fats in breast milk are markers for the health of the baby. Relax with colouring and other fun activities as they discuss their work. Twitter Noctule – PEAKThis site-specific performance, created by Farm Hand (solo project of Mark Daman Thomas) and artist Stefhan Caddick, will take place underground in Eglwys Faen, a cave three miles from Green Man. A small group of Settlers can experience the live performance at the cave, which will be recorded and screened throughout the weekend. Peak creates opportunities for contemporary art in the Black Mountains. Website | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram Makes Sense – UCLWhy do some people love the smell of cut grass but loathe the sound of nails on a chalk board? Come and explore the complexities of the brain, as we focus on neurodiversity and sensation to show how no two brains are alike! Don your ‘Thinking Caps’ and ‘Brainstorm’ ideas to uncover your favourite types of sensation through interactive board games and more.Website | Twitter | Facebook

Makes Sense – UCL
Number 3, Muddle Street – Dementia and Imagination

Festival Fever – Imperial College LondonThis group of epidemiologists have been sent to respond to an epidemic of ‘Festival Fever’ – odd, infectious, stickers have been showing up at Green Man! Explore how researchers track, map and predict the spread of epidemics and how the DNA of bugs can help us understand the diseases they cause. Plus, disease-themed games and sneeze-inspired art! Department of Infectious Disease Epidemiology at ImperialMRC Centre for Outbreak Analysis and Modelling Show Us What You’re Made Of – Tenovus Cancer CareCome on board this mobile lab (and converted ice cream van) and take a ‘cell-fie’. Discover lots about what your cells do and how to look after them and keep them healthy. Meet researchers funded by Tenovus Cancer Care, Wales’ leading cancer charity and find out more about the important research they do in laboratories and communities. Website | Twitter Challenge Martha – UCLDid you know there are structures smaller than the thickness of your hair that are able to power things like phones and computers? With the help of Lego races, microscopes and even more Lego, discover how materials are made just one layer of atoms at a time. Watch shaving foam expand in ‘Martha’ the vacuum chamber, and try to beat your friends at Lego building. Being Buffeted by Butterflies – The Met OfficePredicting the weather is incredibly challenging, but with the Met Office’s supercomputer and world-leading scientists, they’ve come a long way from folk tales. Even so, we've all heard about those pesky butterflies that can cause a hurricane with a flap of their wings. Join Met Office scientists to make your own butterfly and find out whether yours could cause extreme weather on the other side of the world. Website | Twitter Electro Beats – University of ManchesterYour heart is electric! Our heart cells are constantly producing electricity to power our every heartbeat. But how is this power produced and how do we use it? Build your own heart cells and discover how they become electrified, and challenge your friends to an energy race to explore the reasons why our body demands energy to survive!

We can’t wait to see you in the Garden this August! If you've not got your Green Man 16 tickets yet, make sure you pick them up very soon over on the Green Man website...