You once had a placenta — an organ that was lost when your mother gave birth to you, but certainly not a spare part. Scientists and artists lead a playful exploration of what the placenta is and does — will you remember how it felt to have one?

Your Lost Organ is sculptural modelling workshop about the human placenta that was first presented at Green Man 2015. The project was developed by Einstein’s Garden in collaboration with scientists from the University of Bristol.

Festival-goers were given the chance to get creative, using modelling clay to mould their own placenta and then adding it to the display.

As they got their hands messy, they discovered all kinds of fascinating facts about that unique and enigmatic organ that is the placenta. Researchers answered questions about its importance, whilst mothers shared their own experiences.

I didn’t feel particularly sentimental about the placenta, I didn’t give it any thought but this made me respect it a bit more.

– Your Lost Organ audience member, Green Man 2015

Afterwards, our new placenta experts wrote letters to their own ‘lost’ organs: apologising for forgetting them, thanking them for all they did, or just taking the chance to say ‘hi!’.

I never really knew much about the placenta before coming to Einstein’s Garden. It actually has made quite an impression – I had no idea how big of a role the placenta has in life, generally.

– Your Lost Organ audience member, Green Man 2015

Your Lost Organ was produced by Einstein’s Garden in collaboration with scientists from the University of Bristol AND SCULPTOR MARCUS LANYON.