As human beings we naturally strive to be better. To be faster, fitter, stronger. Enhanced explores the scientific research and methods behind our superhuman potential. How far are we willing to go in the name of progress? Find a better tomorrow, today.

Enhanced is an immersive experience exploring the science and the ethics of human enhancement that was first presented at Green Man 2015. The project was developed by Einstein’s Garden in collaboration with scientists from Cardiff University.

The futuristic (and fictional) company ‘Hybrid Industries’ enticed prospective customers with their range of human enhancement products.

Sales reps pitched ‘products’ like spectroVISION, an “all-in-one genetic upgrade to perfect your visual-typical field and add far UV and infrared capabilities”.

Visitors took part in consultations to reveal their perfect enhancements, listened to customer testimonies, and even contributed their own ideas for future ‘products’.

It brought home to me, you have to dig a little bit deeper to find out more… it made me think.

– Enhanced audience member, Green Man 2015

Experts in neurostimulation, bioluminescence and genetic engineering from Cardiff University demonstrated research with fascinating implications for genuine human enhancements.

As visitors compared the genuine scientific research with the sales approach of the fictional ‘Hybrid Industries’ reps, they began to ask questions about the future of human enhancement, and debate the ethics involved. Would enhancements give people an unfair advantage in school exams, driving tests and job interviews? What would it mean if only the richest people had access to these types of technologies?

Would there become classes of people who have enhanced body parts or functionality but other groups of people can’t, because they don’t have the money?

– Enhanced audience member, Green Man 2015

Enhanced was supported by the Wellcome Trust, as part of a three-year award experimenting with new approaches to creative science engagement. It was first presented in Einstein’s Garden at Green Man 2015. 

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Enhanced was produced by Einstein’s Garden in collaboration with scientists from Cardiff University and the Nuffield Council on Bioethics, and creative agency yello brick.