In Einstein’s Garden we love to blow your minds with the most inspiring ideas and spellbinding stories from the world of science. For Green Man 2016, our theme is something close to our hearts – COMPLEXITY.

From the inner-workings of your genes to the intricacies of insect societies, we’ve got the clever, creative folk who will make you laugh, gasp and wonder. Marvel at some mind-blowing tricks from Oliver Meech in When Magic and Science Collide, and then be amazed by your own mind as Ginny Smith uses live demos, illusions and experiments to Hack Your Brain. Kat Arney will unpack the complexity of our DNA with a talk on her book Herding Hemingway‘s Cats, and Katie Steckles will inspire you with her discussion of intricate mathematical patterns in Fractals: Infinitely Beautiful.

Over on the Solar Stage, ICHI takes the idea of a one-man band to its limits, creating a quirky and hypnotic sound using handmade instruments like the Stilt-bass and Hatbox-pedal-drum. Experimental multi-­instrumentalist Rachael Dadd will be a compelling presence, and American Mustard will be rocking out in full unreconstructed, denim-clad style. We’ll also see the return of Einstein’s Garden’s favourite science troubadour Johnny Berliner with his sci-tunes. The complex societies of some fascinating creepy-crawlies are the inspiration for Bugingo – like bingo, but with bugs! ‘Riot science comms’ collective Rising Ape have created two interactive experiences to keep EG fans on their toes. Your Choice: The Game! is a fast-paced game of teamwork, high-stakes dice rolling and cutting-edge research puts you in the hotseats of cancer researchers, whilst The Audience is an immersive experience exploring the complexity of what it means to be 'The Audience'... Meanwhile, artist Nick Field reflects on the nature of friendship in his one-on-one performance Be My Friend.

You’ll discover some fascinating facts about the food system in The Crunch, while The Price of Everything asks one of the most important questions in our culture: why do we have to measure absolutely everything in money? All this, plus amazing short films from Silent Signal, contemporary dance from FLUX Dance, and inspiring poetry from Lateisha Davine Lovelace-Hanson, drop-in Art and Science Workshops, Collective Complexity, the return of the Mad Hackers Tea Party and even Didgeridoo Workshops! And we've still got more to come – soon we'll be sharing the full list of fantastic universities and research groups who'll be bringing their own science stalls to the Garden. We're also working on some unique Einstein’s Garden experiences developed in collaboration with fantastic scientific partners – check out last year's projects for a taste of what to expect there. We can’t wait to see you in the Garden this August! If you've not got your Green Man 16 tickets yet, make sure you pick them up very soon over on the Green Man website...