Last year we were honoured that Green Man’s longstanding commitment to creative science engagement was recognised by the Wellcome Trust.

Through a prestigious three-year Society Award, the Wellcome Trust is supporting Einstein’s Garden as it grows – each year, we’re creating four new interactive projects in collaboration with universities. These exciting projects debut at Green Man, before going on the road and popping up in unexpected locations.

Last year, thousands of festivalgoers moulded clay placentas, debated cancer research priorities against the clock, crafted landscapes out of sand, and explored the future of human enhancement.

And over the following year, we visited the iconic Camden Market, Bournemouth’s Arts by the Sea Festival, Hengrove Park in Bristol and the Machynlleth Comedy Festival.

Head over to our Projects pages to discover the full stories behind Sandscape, Your Lost Organ, Conversation C and Enhanced...

We're very pleased to unveil what we've been cooking up with researchers from our partner universities – four brand new fascinating projects that you can experience for the first time in Einstein's Garden at Green Man 2016... The Library of Imagined GenesHow might Lady Macbeth’s torment or Cinderella’s sunny disposition have been influenced by their DNA? The Library of Imagined Genes is a biobank containing genetic samples of fictional characters. Browse amongst the books and samples to discover how our stories are shaped not just by actions and choices, but also by our genes. In partnership with Cardiff University. Dynamic CellExperience the alien world of a cell: a weird, constantly transforming landscape of fascinating complex processes on a microscopic scale. Journey through this bizarre environment then join cell biologists to uncover the secrets of life by measuring, modelling and manipulating the cell. In partnership with the University of Bristol. Llama Outbreak!There is a very strange outbreak at the festival – people are turning into llamas! Luckily there is a crack team on the case, but they need your help. Find a llama, play the game, share your diagnosis data and help the task force to stop the spread of the infection. In partnership with UCL. Edible ForestCould you grow your own edible forest? One of the oldest forms of home food production, forest gardens involve fascinating relationships between plants, environment, wildlife, people, health and wellbeing. Take a seat at the dining table and discover the foods and flavours inspired by woodland ecosystems. In partnership with the University of Exeter.

Green Man 16 is now SOLD OUT! Thanks to everyone who's coming along, we can’t wait to see you in the Garden next week! If you've not started planning your GM experience, head over to the Green Man website for all the info you need! x